Prof. Dr. Anke Becker
Phone: +49-6421 28 24451
Fax: +49-6421 28 22229
Curriculum vitae


Bettina Happel
Phone: +49-6421 28 22224
Fax: +49-6421 28 22229

Scientific lab manager

Dr. Javier Serrania
Phone: +49-6421 28 24452
Fax: +49-6421 28 22229


Patrick Manz
Phone: +49-6421 28 24452
Fax: +49-6421 28 22229

Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Elizaveta Krol
Phone: +49-6421 28 24445

Postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Doreen Meier
Phone: +49-6421 28 24439



PhD Students:

Tolganay Kabdullayeva

Phone: +49-6421 28 22223


Stephan Ringshandl

Phone: +49-6421 28 24439
stephan ringshandl@synmikro.uni-marburg.de


Vera Bettenworth

Phone: +49-6421 28 22223


Marcel Wagner

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Heiko Wendt

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Desiree Körner

Phone: +49-6421 28 24439


Daniel Stukenberg

Phone: +49-6421 28 22223


Master Students:

Annika Bamberger

Niklas Schäfer


Bachelor Students:

Marian Krämer

Nikolai Michel


Technical assistance:

Bernadette Boomers

Phone: +49-6421 28 24447


Andreas Kautz

Phone: +49-6421 28 24446


Student assistance:

Eric Ellenberger



Lab kitchen:

Mona Bastian

Phone: +49-6421 28 24441


Sabrina Steidl

Phone: +49-6421 28 24441


Group photos:




Congratulation to Dr. Simon Schäper, who defended his thesis in october 19th, 2017


from left: Heiko Wendt, Liza Krol, Simon Schäper, Neda Farmani, Gerrit Joop, Bernadette Boomers, Marcel Wagner, Javier Serrania, Doreen Meier, Stephan Ringshandl, Vera Bettenworth, Mona Bastian, Anke Becker, Tim Huckenbeck, Johanna Groß, Bettina Happel, Patrick Manz, Johannes Döhlemann, Vanessa Munoz-Gutierrez, Daniel Bauersachs from left, sitting: Dog Shadow, Andreas Kautz, Fabian Kautz


Congratulation, dear Johannes Döhlemann for defending your doctoral thesis in january 2017



from left, standing: Bernadette Boomers, Matthew McIntosh, Mona Bastian, Patrick Manz, Bettina Happel, Andreas Kautz, Carina Happel, Yannick End, Javier Serrania, Johannes Döhlemann, Marcel Wagner, Meike Brennecke, Stephan Ringshandl, Jens Große-Jäger, Simon Schäper, Egidio Lacanna, Tobias Johner, Heiko Wendt, Liza Krol from left, sitting: Anke Becker, Doreen Meier, Niklas Erlemann

We are very proud of our colleague, Dr. Egidio Lacanna, who defended his doctoral thesis in september 2016



Standing row: Andreas Kautz, Javier Serrania, Stephan Ringshandl, Patrick Manz, Marco Confalone, Johannes Döhlemann, Anke Becker, Marcel Wagner, Egidio Lacanna, Jan-Philip Schlüter, Benny Frage, Simon Schäper, Matthew McIntosh,
Liliana Lludena 1st row sitting: Liza Krol, Bettina Happel, Bernadette Boomers, Christina Klaner, Mona Bastian, Pornsri Charoenpanich

In 2015 Pornsri has defended her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Pornsri Charoenpanich. She is back in Thailand now and we miss her much



from left: Javier Serrania, Bettina Happel, Matthew McIntosh, Andreas Kautz, Dominik Beuter, Anke Becker, Egidio Lacanna,
Jan-Philip Schlüter, Simon Schäper, Pornsri Charoenpanich, Johannes Döhlemann, Marcel Wagner, Benjamin Frage,
Bernadette Boomers, Elizaveta Krol



Front Row (left to right): Kathrin, Marcel Wagner Torben Grau, Oliver Schauer, Mona Bastian, Bernadette Boomers, Christina Klaner, Barbara Herte, Sabrina Steidl, Marta Robledo, Egidio Lacanna, Helena Meier Simon Schäper
Behind (left to right): Anke Becker, Benjamin Frage, Elisaveta Krol, Mathilda Diel, Bettina Happel, Pornsri Charoenpanich, Tina Müller, Stefan Meyer, Matthew McIntosh, Johannes Döhlemann, Javier Serrania


AG Becker

Standing: Bernadette Bommers, Javier Serrania, Anke Becker, Lars-Ole Löhr, Benjamin Frage, Stefan Meyer, Alicia Perez, Miriam Damm, Marta Robledo, Bettina Happel, Barbara Herte Sitting: Daniella Lucena, Matthew McIntosh, Pornsri Charoenpanich, Elizaveta Krol, Edgardo Jofré  Former Group Fotos (following soon)


SYNMIKRO Young Researchers Groups

Almost all scientific members of SYNMIKRO are actively involved in DFG’s Collaborative Research Centers (Sonderforschungsbereiche), Research Training Groups (Graduiertenkollegs), or other Cooperative Research projects. Alongside performing adventurous experiments, and reporting excellent science, SYNMIKRO substantially promotes potential Young Research Group Leaders by constantly keeping its doors open to welcome and support Young Researchers planning to set up an Independent Research Group.
Our Young Research Groups